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What is Counterfeit?


What is Counterfeit?

Counterfeit/pirated items are imitations intended to criminally:
  • –    Deceive
  • –    Misrepresent
  • –    Lead the customer to believe the item is genuine

American law defines counterfeiting as the infringement of a trademark. More generally it means making something out to be a branded item when it is not.  Counterfeiting is often thought of as forging or copying currency, documents, music or works of art, but actually it can refer to any item where IP rights in the form of Patents, Copyrights or Trademarks held by the creator and developer of the item are violated.

Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind and just like material goods it is subject to ownership and the owners of IP have rights that must be protected.
If someone steals IP from the rightful owner, THAT IS A CRIME

A wide range of consumer and industrial products are now being counterfeited around the globe
These can range from nonfunctional fakes that everyone knows are fakes, to functional but inferior products that buyers know to be counterfeit and buy due to price, to fully functional products that are sold as the real thing.



Counterfeit Imaging Supplies.


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